Saturday, 22 June 2013

Noni's connection with selective cox 2 inhibition

Our body contains cox enzymes which speed up our body's production of hormone like substance called prostaglandins.There are two types of cox(Cyclooxygenase) enzymes namely cox-1,cox-2.
Cox-1 good enzyme is responsible for protecting the body's stomach lining and kidneys.The cox-2 bad enzyme is largely responsible for causing pain and inflamation.Injury,diseases and trauma cause cox-2 enzyme to produce prostaglandins which cause pain and inflammation.Generally nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drug are consumed to stop cox enzymes in our body from working.When taken over long period of time traditional medication for chronic pain and inflamation such as aspirin,ibuprofen inhibits both cox-1 and cox-2.The discovery of cox-2 created a frenzy in pharmaceutical world,everyone wanted to find out substance that would inhibit cox-2 without harming the production of cox-1.Noni selectively inhibits the cox-2 enzyme while allowing the cox-1 enzyme to continue functioning
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